Print-On-Demand Services

The nature of publishing has changed in recent years. A printed book is no longer the pinnacle of publishing success. This is good news for the Christian writer or author who has something to say. Digital publishing and print-on-demand technologies are enabling virtually anyone to build an audience and publish his or her content for … Read more

Time Wasted

Many times in life we find ourselves thinking “I should have done this” or “if I could only go back and change that…” Well, the truth is we can’t go back. Now, as upsetting as this may be (the concept that we have to live with ALL of our actions), I have great news! This … Read more

Design Services

Effective communication always involves presentation and “packaging.” We (people) know this truth rather intuitively and demonstrate our awareness of it every time we speak. We invariably “package” our words with voice inflections, facial expressions, hand gestures, and our overall body language. We understand that even the way we dress can influence the delivery (and reception) … Read more