Print-On-Demand Services

The nature of publishing has changed in recent years. A printed book is no longer the pinnacle of publishing success. This is good news for the Christian writer or author who has something to say. Digital publishing and print-on-demand technologies are enabling virtually anyone to build an audience and publish his or her content for that audience. You no longer need a “book deal” to be a success. The barriers to entry for an aspiring author have fallen.

print-on-demand-servicesThese days, successful publishing may or may not involve a printed book. Our philosophy is that a printed book is merely part of a broader publishing strategy for the Christian writer. For that reason we utilize CreateSpace to facilitate print book publishing. CreateSpace is the print-on-demand component for Amazon. CreateSpace has done a great job of making its publishing system as user friendly as possible, but it’s not typically the kind of thing a writer wants to learn how to do. We can help.

We can help not just with the technicalities of the CreateSpace system, but with the broader publishing strategy you need to develop if you wish to influence a broader audience. This strategy should include a social media, ebook, and web publishing plan aimed at building a growing audience of loyal readers. We believe in print-on-demand publishing but believe it’s just one piece of the puzzle.

We’d love to talk to you about your publishing goals and invite you to drop us a line and tell us what you’re wanting to accomplish.

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