Seven Interactive

Seven Interactive is owned by Rick Edwards and is operated out of his home with his wife, Caroline. They live in Lebanon, Tennessee (just a little east of Nashville) where they are also members of Immanuel Baptist Church.

Rick has been involved in ministries of various kinds all of this adult life. In 1990 he moved to Nashville and went to work as an editor for what is now LifeWay Christian Resources. Prior to that he served as a pastor of two churches in Oklahoma after receiving an MDiv in 1981 from Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Ft. Worth, Texas. Rick has been involved in Christian publishing for more than 30 years.

Rick believes God has called him to help the church teach His story to successive generations. To that end, he enjoys spending his days creating content for God’s people and the local church while connecting with others who also believe in the priority of the local church. Consequently, he is building a strong network of brands and like-minded people who are also serving the church and growing significant audiences of people within the church and Kingdom of God. As this network grows, Rick is able to provide publishing and marketing services to passionate authors while also leveraging a broad range of audiences for the benefit of advertisers who wish to speak to these audiences.

If you’re interested in learning more about Rick’s work, please email him at Every new conversation expands his ministry to the Kingdom of God and the bride of Christ!