The Seven Interactive Network

What Is It?

The Seven Interactive Network is a synergistic network of individual audience platforms working together to expand each member’s audience and influence. As a member of the Seven Interactive Network, we will utilize your content along with the content of other Network members to grow your individual social media audience(s) through regular, frequent, and automated updates to your social media account(s).

Your social media platforms will grow more quickly because of the broad range of content and regular updates that we manage on your behalf. As your audience grows, you will be able to leverage the size and loyalty of the audiences with strategic messages related to what you’re doing.

Basically, we intend to leverage your content for business purposes while we free you to write, rather than spend your time managing a complex online content machine (web site, social media, product sales, etc.).

There’s no cost associated with joining the Network, but all members must be vetted to make certain we’re utilizing and endorsing quality content. By participating as a Member, you are agreeing to the terms articulated on this page. 

The Seven Interactive Network is a Synergistic network of individual audience platforms working together to expand each member's audience and influence.

A Business Relationship

It’s important to understand that this is a mutually-beneficial business relationship in which we are providing you with a free service while you are allowing us to utilize your content within the Network. You are, therefore, agreeing to the terms set out here as a Member of the Network.

The Seven Interactive Network has a two-fold business objective. First, it seeks to grow the members’ individual audiences as well as the collective audience and, as a result, build our influence in the church and our culture in general. Second, it seeks to monetize the audience through selling products and access to the audience through appropriate advertising inventory. These business objectives explain how we can offer to manage this service at no cost to members. Here’s how it works…

Leveraging Your Content on Social Media

Limited selections (excerpts) of your content will be added to two “pools” of content which Seven Interactive will manage. The first pool of content is a “reservoir” of content on SocialOomph. SocialOomph is an online service that enables us to post regular, frequent, and automated updates to your social media accounts. This reservoir will be unique to your social media account(s), but will include content that is also posted on other Network members’ accounts. 

The second pool of content is a separate reservoir of content on SocialOomph, but also includes blog posts (articles) on This pool of content will be leveraged across the larger Network of members’ accounts, including the Seven Interactive Facebook page and Seven Interactive Twitter account. Additional social media platforms (such as Pinterest or Instagram) may be added at the discretion of Seven Interactive. Remember, as a Member of the Seven Interactive Network, your social media platforms (your audience) will grow more quickly because of the broad range of content and regular updates that we will manage on your behalf, as well as the ongoing exposure you receive on 


  • It’s understood that the Member maintains ownership of his or her content. They also retain “ownership” of the list of followers they acquire while participating in the Network. They agree, however, that the content they provide to Seven Interactive as a Member is unique content that will be exclusive to the Network as long as they are a Member of the Network.

  • Unless otherwise agreed upon, Network members must agree to submit at least one unique blog post (article) per month of no less than 400 words. Topics on which a Member may write are virtually endless. The only parameters are that the articles must be consistent with the Christian nature of the Seven Interactive brand and are subject to review, editing, and approval by Seven Interactive.

  • Network members must provide Seven Interactive with admin access to their Facebook and Twitter accounts. This allows us to post content to your profiles via SocialOomph as though it were you. This is how we leverage the content of all Network members across numerous accounts.

  • Network members must allow us to excerpt quotes from published resources such as books, articles, web sites, videos, or any other appropriate published content owned by the Member or another publisher with whom the Member has a publishing agreement. Quotes generally are brief so they can fit into a typical Twitter post or Twitter image. The length of the quotes will never be such that they run the risk of infringing on any copyright or publishing agreements. Keep in mind that the nature of this Network is such that it naturally promotes the Member’s content and, consequently, product sales. Any publisher will be glad for your participation.

  • Members agree to post a “personal” update to each social account at least four times each week. A personal update can be virtually anything as long as it is not inappropriate for the member’s audience.

  • Members agree to not post any “marketing updates” to their accounts. Rather, all marketing updates must be submitted to Seven Interactive for review and approval. This helps us insure that we’re not overwhelming the audience with marketing messages and, further, enables us to manage available advertising inventory. A “marketing update” is any post or update that is aimed at selling a product or calling for a specific action or response.

The Seven Interactive Network is just launching. Revisions to these terms invariably will be coming as we learn more and discover how to best develop the Network.

If you’re interested in participating in the Network, simply contact us and tell us what you’re wanting to accomplish.