Help For The Aspiring Christian Writer

Most Christian writers are passionate about their desire to write as well as the message they wish to deliver through their writing. That’s because writing is, by definition, communicative. As Christians, we want our formal communication to reflect our relationship with Christ and His calling on our lives. As fellow Believers, we share your passion and want to help you achieve your writing ambitions.

contact-buttonMaybe you’re a pastor needing help building an audience or getting your work published. Maybe you’re a Christian novelist with a great story that needs to be told. Whatever your situation, we offer services to help you pursue your goals. We also provide a growing number of articles on the site to help you go it alone if you’re the adventurous type. Either way, we hope we can be of service to you as you seek to utilize your writing skills for the church and those who lead it. Below is a list of services we offer. For more information, simply contact us.

Concept Review

Are you wondering if your idea for a book or other publishing platform is a good one? We’ll be glad to review your idea and provide helpful and honest feedback based on years of ministry and publishing experience.

Editing and Proofreading

We work with a group of very capable editors who can read through your manuscript and “bleed all over it.” Yes, this is a painful experience, but any good writer must submit to the editing process sooner or later.

Graphic Design

Need a book cover designed? Wanting help with branding? We know experienced graphic designers who can help you package your message or brand in the most effective way.

Print-On-Demand Assistance

The nature of book publishing has changed radically since the advent of print-on-demand services. The hard-working writer can publish a book with absolutely no help from anyone. The fact is, however, that most writers prefer to spend their time writing and not on the often demanding logistics of a print-on-demand system. If you determine you need help with a print-on-demand publishing, we can help.

What Does It Cost?

We don’t have a “price list” of services. The cost of our services depends on the nature and length of your project as well as other factors like the perceived marketability of your work, the current size of your audience, and how many kinds of services you need. If you’re interested in our services, simply contact us and we’ll get the ball rolling.

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